Working on a new version considering I'm not 18 anymore. 

The Old About me
self obsessed, twenty two, attention seeking, charles dickens, red, day dreams, narcissism, nokia, passionate, love at first sight, tom n jerry, impulsive, manchester united, cheerful, black hawk down, google, seven, kumar viswas, copycat, world war ii, toons, talkative, pride, moody, fantasy and fiction, focus, crushes crushed, critic, one minute plans, nicholas cage, wikipedia, pulsar 135, ambition, terminator, the script, visual studio, lenovo, otay, programs, bright, techno, thesaurus, word, lazy, soft iron, pirates #_O, mahatma gandhi, soccer, mummy, earphones, facebook, show-off, hate smokers, road trips, guilty, wannabe, linkin park, kid, swift, fifa, R.I.P., respect, transformers, idiot, honour, frodo baggins, history, modest parents, cargo, bbc, orkut, yo, oliver twist, christiano, cute, games, irritated, robin hood, never say never, witty, government, shattered, chat, leave out all the rest, hip-hop, eminem, uk, harry potter, tea, discovery, alton k series, self respect, wrong, funny, collector, shes a dream dreams come true, india, spongebob, shy, story-teller, asp, backstreet, actor, print, thums up, kabaab, carefree, careless, tolkien, speed, money, optimist, creative, keep it simple, natural, honesty, martyrs, unoraganised ..... thats pretty much me!