Read below if you have the Sixth Sense :P The Sense of Humor :P
Hey, thank you for showing your interest in contacting me, it will be a historic moment of First Contact between the two greatest species of this planet, the Humans and the Megaminds. This moment will surely go down in the history of mankind as the moment of least importance. A moment which they'll surely forget about very soon. Well what else can one expect of you silly humans. Before you keep on reading more of my bullshit, why did you show up here? To contact me you could have used those links on the left sidebar. There are links to an assortment of Social Networking websites known to the simple humans. They are also accompanied by the logos to make 'em easier to notice.

What links? Really??

Those links mate. I put them there, to stop humans from stumbling onto this page.

Anyways I guess you were too thick to find them or maybe you were actually a web crawler or a jobless person who wont mind visiting pointless pages so you want my email address eh? Well there it is:

If you were a bot and could not pass that Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA), then its hard luck mate, I guess you should try to fill out this form to get to me.

Thank you for you interest though, Peace Out!