Friday, December 7, 2012

India & Indians

Every morning, he comes to our home, rings the bell and calls out, "auntie koodaaa, auntie koodaaa de dijiye...". Someone comes out, still sleepy, "Arey chhotu jhaadu to laga de, gobar saaf kar de sadak ka, theek se kar sab ganda pada hai".
The kids gets just Rs. 30 from every home for a month. How can people be so apathetic?

Aren't we hypocrites? In restaurants, in shops, everywhere around us, childhood is being murdered, and all we have to say is how the f*cking government  is a big failure. It failed to implement the Right to Education, the Midday meal, ban child labor... stop playing the blame game friends, we are the reason of our collective failure.

I've have heard so many times from so many people that government schools are a waste, they are of no good. Please visit the nearest Government primary school today, you'll find hope, media loves to put forward the darkest side for its viewers, see with your own eyes, there are over 200 millions kids in our country today, who wouldn't have access to any kind of education, if these schools weren't there. Kids here get free textbooks, free midday meals, free school dresses. Only improvement required need is to improve the quality of education that is being imparted, everyone can play a part in it. We just need visit these places and see if there is anything we can do about it. Its our responsibility not government's, all it can do is provide the resources, we have to ensure that they are used nicely.

We have to stop criticizing the current system, it is robust and strong, all we need to do is to ensure that the system works a bit more efficiently. This ain't a movie, where a man can change the whole system, we have to be our life's hero and start helping the society with our own small efforts.

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